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From Design to Build and Beyond

Jimerico Construction offers contracting and construction services to a wide variety of clients across Florida. With an office in Central Florida and an office in South Florida, we have the resources to reach your part of the state for construction in a timely and cost-effective manner. The services we offer at Jimerico Construction include but are not limited to:


Effective preconstruction services and open communication pave the way for accurate budgeting and a smooth permitting process. The professionals at Jimerico Construction are adept at estimating man hours and materials pricing, with the ability to suggest cost effective alternatives. Steps along the way include project feasibility, pre-construction budgeting/planning, and procurement.

All key players – from the construction team and subcontractors to the owner and architect – are kept abreast of new developments to eliminate surprises and manage more effectively. Additionally, Jimerico Construction’s environmentally sensitive team is knowledgeable concerning permitting issues, with the ability to tap national resources as needed.

Construction Management

Jimerico Construction is an industry leader in construction management, working closely with clients, subcontractors, suppliers and local officials to keep projects on track and within budget throughout every phase of the construction process. When engaged to provide construction-management services, we typically join the project team through either a negotiated contract or bid process during the design phase.

Working with the architect and engineers, our role is to bring value to the project by achieving optimum cost, schedule and product quality. We provide construction-management services either as an agent for the owner, whereby the client holds all trade contracts, or on an at-risk basis, whereby we hold all the trade contracts and are responsible for guaranteeing performance.


Design/Build services help clients realize maximum efficiency when developing new construction projects. The outstanding team at Jimerico Construction strategically selects architectural and subcontracting partners for each specific project based on experience, design style, budget and potential for value-added savings.

The comprehensive services offered include feasibility studies, project scheduling, design coordination, project management, field engineering and on-site supervision. This single-source approach frees clients from the burden of day-to-day project responsibilities, while providing a cost effective and synergistic platform for development.

Tenant Improvements

Tenant Improvements are defined as changes made to the interior of a commercial or industrial property by its owner to accommodate the needs of a tenant such as floor and wall coverings, ceilings, partitions, air conditioning, fire protection, and security.

These improvements can have a substantial impact savings on your taxes and may be depreciated over time. Please consult with your tax advisor for further benefits of Tenant Improvements.